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White Wine lovers rejoice!  We have sangria jars for white wine too.  Our white sangria jars are filled with raw demerara sugar and fruits to infuse that great flavor to any white wine.  Peaches, Mango, Pears, and a cinnamon stick will add flavor to your drink.  Add the cheapest white wine you can find, we dare you.  Just 3 short days later it will taste like a million bucks.


Make them zero proof!  Craft cocktails can be turned into craft mocktails by adding hot water to the jars instead of spirits.  


Infusions can be purchased as a starter kit in the jar, or if you have a jar to use, as a refill kit in a bag.


White Sangria Infusion Jar

  • Store unused infusion jars in a cool dry spot out of the sun.  Use within 30 days.

    Add spirits (or hot water) of choice.  Cover and refrigerate for 3 days to allow maximum flavor infusion. 

    Use infused spirits (or water) with mixers of your choice to create YOUR perfect craft cocktail.

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