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Where are my tequila lovers?  This one is for you!  This infusion contains raw demerara sugar cubes, pineapples and jalapenos.  It goes great with tequila and makes a wonderful margarita!


Make them zero proof!  Craft cocktails can be turned into craft mocktails by adding hot water to the jars instead of spirits.  


Infusions can be purchased as a starter kit in the jar, or if you have a jar to use, as a refill kit in a bag.


Pineapple Jalapeno Craft Cocktail Infusion Jar


    Store unused infusion jars in a cool dry spot out of the sun.  Use within 30 days.

    Add spirits (or hot water) of choice.  Cover and refrigerate for 3 days to allow maximum flavor infusion. 

    Use infused spirits (or water) with mixers of your choice to create YOUR perfect craft cocktail.

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