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Here is another cocktail for our friends with a sweet tooth.  This one is my hubby Mike's favorite.  The infusion contains creme brulee loose leaf tea, raw demerara sugar cubes, dried bananas, some crushed butter rum flavored hard candy, and a whole vanilla bean.

I love this one with whiskey, use cheap whiskey, it will taste like a million dollars after the 3 day infusion.

Mix it with some salted caramel whiskey and some cream liquer for a delicious but potent drink.  Add some fireball for extra credit.  YUM!


Make them zero proof!  Craft cocktails can be turned into craft mocktails by adding hot water to the jars instead of spirits.  


Infusions can be purchased as a starter kit in the jar, or if you have a jar to use, as a refill kit in a bag.


Banana Brulee Craft Cocktail Infusion Jar

  • Store unused infusion jars in a cool dry spot out of the sun.  Use within 30 days.

    Add spirits (or hot water) of choice.  Cover and refrigerate for 3 days to allow maximum flavor infusion. 

    Use infused spirits (or water) with mixers of your choice to create YOUR perfect craft cocktail.

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