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Herb Infused Oils

What is an Infusion?

An infusion is defined as a drink, remedy, or extract prepared by soaking the leaves of a plant or herb in liquid. At Mixing Dixie, we dehydrate organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and combine them with raw sugars and dried seasonings to create the perfect cocktail infusion in a jar. You pick your favorite "remedy"  and add the spirits of your choice.  We do make suggestions, but you are welcome to try any combination you wish.  Add your chosen spirits to the infusion jars, refrigerate them for 3 days, and yes, the waiting IS the hardest part.  Then either drink them as is from the jar (they ARE that good) or use a 2 ounce pour from the jar and add your favorite mixers. We also offer refill bags.  They contain the exact same ingredients but come in a bag instead of a jar.  If you already have the jars and don't need more, the refill bags are economical options for making the same great infusions.  Pour the contents of the bags into a jar, add spirits, and refrigerate for 3 days.​  Cheers!

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